Frequently Asked Questions

Is the C-PAL reusable?

Both the C-PAL Neptune and C-Pal Titan can be activated up to 5 times each with a new CO2 cartridge required after each use.

How long does it take to inflate?

Approximately 4 seconds after activation.

What conditions can the C-PAL products withstand?

Both the C-PAL Neptune and C-PAL Titan have been designed to provide buoyancy within all sea conditions.

How do the C-PAL products inflate?

All C-PAL products are fitted with a 16gram CO2 cartridge which inflates the device upon activation.

Do the C-PAL products require maintenance?

The C-PAL products can be stored and ready for use without maintenance. After use (without inflation), it is recommended that the products be washed in fresh water and left to dry.

If activated, the C-PAL products will require a fresh water rinse prior to being re-armed with a new 16gram CO2 cartridge.